Case Studies - Studio Thoroughbred in Mukawa, Hokkaido

We built a completely private music studio in Hokkaido because we wanted musicians to be able to play music in an environment surrounded by nature. The studio is fully equipped with a band set and includes top of the line equipment.

It is designed to be used as a dance studio without any imposing equipment in the way however providing quality professional sound.

There is also a kitchen and accommodation facilities, so you can concentrate on rehearsals while staying overnight. For more information, please visit the website

The sound absorbing material used in this studio is our new product called "SHOJI STYLE" and it is easy to install. Shoji is a traditional Japanese room divider made of Japanese paper pasted onto a lattice frame.

How to install "SHOJI STYLE";

It can be install it on the wall with screws which can simply be covered with a beautiful Japanese shoji frame to hide the screw holes.



"SHOJI STYLE” is available in two types of sound absorbing material thickness: 100mm and 50mm.
The 100mm has a material that absorbs bass sound well.
The 50mm is suitable for medium and high frequencies and is effective for preventing flutter.
The diffusion is made of two different materials to prevent resonance. Placing them alternately creates beautiful shading. 

You can create own color.

This product "SHOJI STYLE” will available our online store soon.