Collection: TONE FILTER

TONE FILTER allows you to control the length (reverberation) of the sound by installing it under the floor tom and adjusting the height.

You may be able to control the reverberation by tuning or muting the drum head, but when you listen to it through a microphone, you may find that the sound stops too much or doesn't stop that mcuh. When recording, you might control the reverberation by placing a blanket under the floor tom, or by hanging a towel over the bass drum or over the cymbal stand. In fact this method works perfectly, but if you try to control lingering sound using the same method during alive performance, it doesn't look good. 

So, we spent about 5 years after repeated prototyping and testing, we finally made it that would be easy to use and would have the same effect on any site without worrying about its appearance. 

Manufactured in Okawa, a city known for its furniture, this product will not look bad even if it is captured on camera during a live performance.
This is also collaboration product with NiCSO, a top manufacturer of sound absorbing materials.




▲You can control the length (reverberation) of the sound by placing it under the floor tom and adjusting the height.


Tone Filter 13inch

Tone Filter 10inch



Diameter: 350mm
Hight: 25mm

Diameter: 260mm

Hight: 25mm



Boom arm, Clamp, Stand              

Boom arm, Clamp


 Attachable to a camera stand

The bottom of this filter has a screw hole for standard camera stand, so you can attach it to your camera stand.