Music Studio Design Services

Would you like to design the best MUSIC STUDIO?

We have built more than 500 music studios (for bands and acoustic instruments), recording studios, and dance studios in Japan. 

About our soundproofing technology cultivated in Japan

All residences and tenant buildings in Tokyo are small and the rents are high. In order to play music in an environment where the rooms are adjacent, soundproofing is necessary. That’s why soundproofing technology is well developed in Tokyo. We can create a soundproof room of DR40 to DR60 using various materials. (*DR value is Japanese standard)

How to create sound field design

Once the soundproofing work is complete, the next step is sound field work. This sound field construction is what we are best at.

  1. We discuss and decide what kind of studio design you looking for.

Just as the sound absorption rate is completely different between a recording studio and a piano practice studio, we discuss and decide how the room will resonate depending on the purpose.

  1. Calculate mode.

Calculate the frequency tendency (frequency characteristics) from the shape of the room.

  1. Based on mode calculations, decide how to absorb, reflect, and diffuse sound.

We carefully consider the purpose of the room, including the location of the sound source and the listening position, and then design the room theoretically to achieve the best possible sound quality.

  1. Calculate the sound absorption coefficient from the layout (determined in 3).

The sound absorption coefficient is calculated using special numerical calculations, and it is possible to create an ideal sound field space or studio that does not create standing waves.

Most studio constructors tend to design only by calculating the sound absorption coefficient, however, our designs are constructed only after carefully considering the purpose of the room. We can create a professional quality studio with great sound for you not only focusing on design based but on the appearance.

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