Case Studies - Installed NiCSo Shoji Style for a private studio

We designed and constructed a soundproof sound field for the personal studio of a famous professional drummer in Japan in Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

The studio was built in the barn of an old private house that he owned, but many of the pillars had been eaten by termites, making construction extremely difficult.

The floor, walls, and ceiling all need to be floating, so we use all kinds of techniques. What I use every time is a carefully designed ceiling sling with anti-vibration rubber.

The floor is made of 100mm heavy concrete.

On the wall, special rubber is sandwiched between architectural gypsum boards with different specific gravity. This allows you to lower the sound pressure by -45db.

Cover the wall with the excess plasterboard to prevent resonance.

The indoor sound field uses NiCSo Shoji style sound absorption and diffusion panels, scattering and diffusing the sound in the corners. This creates a perfect sound-absorbing environment for the drummer. Shoji is a traditional Japanese room divider made of Japanese paper pasted onto a lattice frame.

NiCSo Shoji style is easy to install. It is held in place with screws, but by installing a frame, the screws will not be visible. You can create installation ideas with simple drawings.

As shown in the diagram above, two types of sound absorption panels with different sound absorption coefficients and one type of diffusion panel are combined. By combining two different types of panels, you can create a wall with beautiful shadows. Also, since the panel frames are made of wood, you can create a warm studio.

This project involved building a highly difficult soundproof and sound field studio using a barn that was over 50 years old, but with our extensive experience and accurate calculations, we were able to complete the perfect studio.

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