About us


We are a company that designs and implements recording studios and music studios.


In Japan, which is a small country, it is very difficult to implement soundproofing that matches the living environment, so the specifications of the soundproofing work are extremely high (the best in the world). Our company can create a studio that clears such strict standards.


Also, what we are most good at is sound field processing. We can calculate the reverberation and discuss the sound absorption coefficient with you to create the perfect studio. All products sold at 380 Sound are products made from such experiences. Of course, they are all made in Japan.


On the other hand, in the studio, guitar picks, drum sticks, cymbals, etc. are thrown away in large quantities. Upcycling is very difficult.

In 2008, we started the activities of ECO MUSIC JAPAN in order to give form to my desire to somehow reduce the amount of trash that is generated through our music activities.

The eco-pick was born from the idea. It is made of 100% plastic bottles. Therefore, if you trash it as a plastic bottle, it will become a plastic bottle again.


Lastly, the meaning of 380 in the brand name is called "SAYAMA" in Japanese. It is my name, and it is an auspicious number.