About Us

Our experience - design and build music studios

For over 20 years, we have been involved in acoustic planning, designing and construction for approximately 500 studios (band studios, piano studios, recording studios, etc.) and commercial facilities such as restaurants and cafes in Japan.

It is not a hard work for soundproofing. It can be done by anyone, but the hardest part in construction for acoustic facilities is how you can create professional quality sound.   

Most constructors only calculate the sound absorption coefficient when designing, but we carefully consider the location of the sound source, the listening position, and the purpose of the room when designing. Therefore, while discussing with the client, we are able to design a studio that not only looks good but also has professional quality sound.


Music geeks gears

Every day we meet many professional and amateur musicians. Based on the ideas that come out of that, we work hard with tech and engineers to create unique GEAR. All of these GEARs are made in Japan with great attention to detail.


[NiCSo] BUREEN Isolation Feet

Products for recording studios based on ideas developed from experience in acoustic planning, construction, and soundproof studio design.



Professional products developed with top drummers, Masuo Arimatsu (Back Drop bomb ROMEO’s blood, PONTIACS, P.I.M.P) and Masato Murakami (Assfort, Hellbent, R, Masahiko Tsune).

With their activities as drummers as their main focus, they have expanded their range of expression starting from nurturing the next generation, mixtures, and hardcore, and have performed memorable performances at numerous live performances and recordings.

Also, as a drum tuner, he continues to back up and support many drummers in the field.

Together with these top drummers, we are working on drum tuning, product design, and the development of gadgets that create new performance expressions.



While creating new products, we often see worn-out tools such as picks and drumsticks being thrown away.

One day, we heard that famous drummers held a memorial service by burning the drumsticks filled with memories. Our activities as ”ECO MUSIC JAPAN'' began when we collected broken drumsticks and start making ballpoint pens, robots, and other objects in order to express the feelings of such pure musicians.

As for the picks, it was difficult to upcycle and recycle the collected picks, but by using plastic bottles, which are made from a material that is hard to scrape and easy to recycle. We have created guitar picks that are 100% recyclable. "ECO PICK" has a clear sound and a long life.