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HARDLOCK-LUGNUT will not loosen the tension rods. It was developed with “HARDLOCK Industry Co., Ltd.“, which produces the world-recognized "ultimate locking nut." The strong anti-loosing effect of the wedge prevents loosening by strongly locking the tension rod with the nut. It also has an innovative feature that allows you to adjust the tension rod without loosening it even if it is locked.


(5) Tension Rods 
(5) Hard Lock Nuts
(5) Hard Lug Nuts
(1) Wench




Safety Warnings

- Please do not use it for any other purpose.
- Not compatible with all lugs.
- Be careful not to overtighten the locking nut. It may damage the brass lug nuts and make them ineffective in preventing loosening.
- If reused, the locking effect may decrease due to deterioration, so in that case, replace it with a new one.
- Do not tighten with anything other than the included the wrench.

Recommended for 

- When there is no time between songs, such as during a live performance, and you are concerned about the pitch dropping.
- Prevents bottom tension rod from falling
- When you want to maintain the sound quality you like as much as possible
- Those who find it troublesome to correct the pitch every time.
- Those who are worried about whether it really won't loosen.
- Those who want to experience the power of Hardlock Lug Nuts


1) Remove the head.

2) Remove the lug that attaches the lug nut from the main body.

3) Once the lugs are removed, remove the lug nuts

4) Install the Lug nut in the same way.

5) Put the parts back in place.

6) Make sure the Lug nut is sticking out like this.

7) Put the lug back where it was.

8) Install the Hardlock nut with the tension bolt stuck in the hoop.

9) Attach the head front and back. If you can install it without using the included tension rods, there is no need to use it.

10) Tighten the nut using the included wrench until it is tight.

11) The nut may break if you use a wrench other than the one included.

That's all. Please feel the effect that it will not come loose even if you hit it as hard as you can!

If you would like to know whether HARDLOCK-LUGNUT can be used with your product, please email us at, including the photo, manufacturer and product number.

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