Collection: ECO PICK


Countless guitar picks are constantly being exhausted to no end by guitarists.

We have transformed plastic bottles into picks,creating beautiful new music with its’ crystal clear sound and lasting durability.

The more a guitarist plays in live shows and rehearsals, the more wear their pick will show. Some guitarists will prefer to alternate between multiple picks in a single live show. Bearing this in mind, we thought maybe we could reduce the amount of tossed picks by redesigning one that would be much stronger and more durable than an ordinary pick. After examining numerous materials, we decided to focus on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) used in plastic bottles. By utilizing the PET in plastic bottles, we were not only able to create durable picks, but we can also help towards recycling raw materials to help the environment.
However, the most important aspect of a guitar pick is to produce a “great tone.” During the development stages of the pick, we gathered the opinions of many musicians and artists to find the best sound. We have successfully created a pick, fashioned out of a recycled plastic bottle, with a clear, beautiful tone and excellent durability, the “ECO PICK.”