Piano Maestro Satoshi Matsubara recommends 'The Triangle Roots' for Transformative Piano Sound

Piano Maestro Satoshi Matsubara recommends 'The Triangle Roots' for Transformative Piano Sound

We had the opportunity to interview pianist Satoshi Matsubara about "The Triangle Roots," piano insulators (caster cups) developed by us to enhance the acoustics of pianos. Mr. Matsubara, a talented pianist who has experiences in concerts worldwide and is also a piano researcher involved in the study and collection of vintage pianos and historical recordings of music, provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of this innovative product. His evaluation of "The Triangle Roots" based on his experience is highly valuable.

Role of "The Triangle Roots" in Piano Performance

According to Mr. Matsubara, when pianos are played without the Triangle Roots caster cups, the lower tones seem to have a somewhat restricted resonance, almost as if the sounds are hitting a wall. However, using "The Triangle Roots" allows the piano's sound to resonate evenly across all registers, from bass to treble, producing a vibrant and balanced tone throughout.

Enhancement of Clarity and Control in the Bass Range

The most significant effect of "The Triangle Roots" is evident in the bass range. Since the bass strings of a piano are longer and produce more significant vibrations, they are prone to uneven resonance. Mr. Matsubara feels that using these caster cups allows the bass to vibrate naturally, thereby enabling the performer to control the instrument more naturally.

Improvement in the Mid-High Range

Mr. Matsubara also reports that the use of "The Triangle Roots" is effective in the mid-high range. Without the Triangle Roots caster cups, the extension of the sound is more limited, creating a sensation as if the sound is hitting a wall. However, using "The Triangle Roots" allows the sound to extend freely, enabling more expressive playing.

Effectiveness on Vintage Pianos

Furthermore, Mr. Matsubara emphasized the effectiveness of 'The Triangle Roots' on older pianos, such as vintage and antique pianos with 100 to 200 years of history. He mentioned that even with older instruments, using these caster cups can smoothly bring out the sound in the instrument at that time.

Through this interview, the multifaceted benefits of "The Triangle Roots" piano caster cups have become evident.


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BIO ~ Satoshi Matsubara

Satoshi Matsubara is a pianist who started studying piano at the age of 3. He pursued his education at prestigious institutions such as Konservatorium Wien (Currently MUK - Music and Arts Private University of Vienna), Prague Conservatory, and others. Throughout his career, he has been actively involved in various concerts worldwide. In addition to his performances, Matsubara is deeply engaged in diverse activities, including the research and collection of vintage pianos, overseeing historical music recordings, and teaching. He plays a vital role in nurturing future talents as a member of the Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan.


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