Award-Nominated Guitarist Kirk Fletcher Embraces Eco-Pick Excellence

Award-Nominated Guitarist Kirk Fletcher Embraces Eco-Pick Excellence

We had the pleasure of interviewing a multiple Blues Music Award nominated guitarist Kirk Fletcher about our eco-pick. 


According to Kirk, the sound is clearer, more crisp, louder, and the feel is similar to the old ones he used but with an enhanced grip, making it more comfortable. He adds that the eco-pick will make playing guitar more efficient, elevating the overall playing experience. Kirk particularly enjoys playing an acoustic guitar with the eco-pick, finding it to be a delightful addition to his playing style. Now, the eco-pick has become his favorite, surpassing even the Heavy type pick from a prominent brand he used to favor for its 'old school' vibe. Kirk mentions that this pick would be great for any guitarist and expresses excitement about using it to create his new album. 


Additionally, he expresses genuine happiness in contributing to the protection of the Earth by using the eco-pick, as it is made from recycled water bottles.

 Kirk Fletcher


BIO ~ Kirk Fletcher ~

Kirk Fletcher, a Los Angeles-born singer, guitarist, and producer, is a torchbearer of classic Blues with a contemporary edge. Renowned for his collaborations with Joe Bonamassa and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kirk has earned multiple Blues Music Award nominations and widespread acclaim from Guitar World, Guitar Player, and more. His solo discography, streamed millions of times, showcases his mastery of the genre. With his seventh album, "Heartache By The Pound," produced at FAME Studios, Kirk solidifies his status as a preeminent 21st Century Bluesman.

Kirk Fletcher's Instagram @kirkfletchermusic


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