Collection: Jun Murakawa - Professional Recording Engineer

At 380sound, we are always keen to understand how our products stand up in the demanding environment of professional music production. This led us to engage with Jun Murakawa, a seasoned recording/mixing engineer whose expertise has been pivotal in the creation of several iconic albums. Murakawa shared his invaluable experience with BUREEN, our acclaimed isolation feet, emphasizing their unparalleled ability to preserve the true essence of sound.


When it comes to isolators, I believe the most important thing is to convey the sound of the speaker as it is. In that sense, I highly recommend Bureen.

I like the big but tight bottom end. Main purpose of isolators for me is to eliminateis eliminate anything affecting the low end in the wrongin wrong way. 


As sound engineers whose job is to make the music sound great and reprentable in various systems and respect the original sauce, anything that foolsanything fools your ears in a workingin working environment is not good. Speaker insulator, to me, eliminates some environmental problematic factors ( size and shape of the room, speaker placement etc..)

Among the isolators from other companies that have been popular and selling well for decades, there are some with triangular pyramid-shaped ones which serveserves very well in certain stylesstyle of music. For some reason, those types represent the low end a bit too clean to me.

In the past, I’ve been using rubber materials made for use on construction sites. In terms of conveying the sound of the material as it is, such materials were much more user-friendly than using expensive isolators to me.


With Bureen, it retains the necessary functions of an isolator and delivers the low end easy to identify. It is very easy to use and helpful.

BIO ~ Jun Murakawa ~

Jun Murakawa, a highly experienced recording and mixing engineer, boasts a distinguished career spanning decades in the music industry. His extensive credits include pivotal roles in renowned albums across diverse genres, showcasing his versatility and expertise.

With notable achievements such as contributing as an engineer for Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails' work, mixing Ron Wood’s solo album, worked six albums for Buckcherry as a main engineer, John Mellencamp, Paul Gilbert, Keiko Matsui… just to name a few…. Jun has consistently crafted exceptional soundscapes.