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BUREEN Sound Isolation Feet [NiCSo]

BUREEN Sound Isolation Feet [NiCSo]

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BUREEN is an Isolation Feet for speakers created from a completely new material that isolates vibration.

A graph of vibration transmission coefficient for a 30 kg speaker supported at three points is shown in the figure above. It can be seen that the vibration in the audible range is almost completely isolated and not transmitted.

It can be seen that almost no vibration from the speakers is transmitted to the installation site, e.g. desk, floor, floor, stand, etc.


W300mm - W350mm - H200mm



We are also particular about the shape. The conical shape of the load-bearing part ensures that the stress is always concentrated in the center.



We use a specially formulated polyurethane gel material for our Isolation Feet. It is designed to be very viscoelastic, so it has completely different properties from rubber or other materials.



Special materials and a well-thought-out shape make BUREEN an Isolation Feet that produces a crisp sound.


MIN 4.9kg (1piece)
BEST 10.4kg (1piece)
MAX 39.1kg (1piece)

The load per BUREEN should not exceed 40 kg. When supporting a speaker weighing more than 120 kg, increase the number of BUREENs. 

up and down

We recommend using it in an orientation where the logo is upright, however, as the sound changes by changing the orientation, feel free to use it in whichever way you prefer.


The load applied per BUREEN should not exceed 40 kg. Although 3-point support is the standard, if being used on a heavier speaker, please use more BUREENs. Please be sure to place the BUREENs in a position such that the weight is evenly distributed and the speaker is in a stable position. For 3-point support, the recommended layout is to place two on the heavier side of the speaker.


If it gets dirty, it can be washed. Simply scrub the surface lightly with neutral detergent to clean. Please note that the logo print may come off if you rub the logo area strongly.

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