Collection: Masuo Arimatsu and Masato Murakami - Drummers Top Team


In this edition, we delve into the behind-the-scenes stories of drum-related items developed by Mr. Masuo Arimatsu of Drummers Top Team.

Masuo Arimatsu with drum

The Genesis of Drummers Top Team:

Formed over 15 years ago, Drummers Top Team, led by drumming virtuosos Masuo Arimatsu and Masato Murakami, embarked on a journey rooted in mixtures and hardcore genres. Fearing no bounds in advancing their expressions, the duo, known for delivering memorable performances in numerous live shows and recordings, initiated the Professional Drum Team.

With an intricate understanding of the light and shade of drums, they birthed innovative ideas, translating drum-inspired concepts into reality. Their activities span from a pivotal axis in drumming to fostering the next generation, drum tuning, product design, and the development of gadgets that spawn new performance expressions. They stand as a cutting-edge collective in the drumming world.

Fun fact: Masuo, a fan of martial arts, found the name "Brazillian Top Team" appealing, leading to the christening of their team as Drummers Top Team.


Key Product Lineup:


When desiring to mute or lower the sound of a snare, the traditional approach involved placing materials like cloth, paper, or memo pads on the drumhead. However, a breakthrough came when, in search of a durable alternative to memo paper, a clear file was used, achieving the perfect sound reduction. This led to the creation of the DRUM EFFECT SHEET, crafted from vinyl (available for toms and snares).

While tuning or changing snares allows for sound adjustment, the presence of microphones and other equipment makes swift changes during live performances challenging. In situations where transitioning from an upbeat to a ballad requires a quick shift to a lower tone, this sheet proves invaluable. Born from on-stage experiences, it facilitates easy and instant tonal changes. The combination of two sheet types allows for creating a unique sound by varying thickness. Notably, the late Yukihiro Takahashi, drummer of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), also utilized this innovation.


Developed in collaboration with Osaka-based manufacturer Hardlock Industry Co., Ltd., a leading producer of anti-loosening nuts, the HARDLOCK-LUGNUT for snare drums emerged from an unexpected source - an advertisement boasting "unyielding bolts" seen in a Shinkansen carriage. Inspired by the idea of creating non-loosening bolts for drums, the collaboration initiated a project with Hardlock Industry Co., Ltd., known for producing industrial bolts used in critical applications such as bridges and Shinkansen. The product, employing a double-nut construction with intentionally off-center holes to enhance anti-loosening effects during rotation, is a revolutionary part ensuring sound stability even during intense drumming. This "absolutely non-loosening" bolt alleviates concerns about sound changes during live performances.


A product that truly shines in professional settings, recordings, and live performances, the TONE FILTER addresses the desire to shorten the resonance of floor tom sounds. Traditionally, drummers achieved this by placing blankets to soften the impact from below and stop the sound. The TONE FILTER, designed for similar purposes, not only offers functionality but also enhances the visual appeal during live performances.

With one-touch angle and height adjustments, the TONE FILTER provides versatility in altering sound duration. Its compact size allows for installation in various locations, adding to its merits. Due to its delicate nature, careful handling is advised, and the product is patented, ensuring its uniqueness and innovation in the drum accessories market.


In Conclusion:

Drummers Top Team's products have earned widespread acclaim from renowned musicians, elevating drum performances to the next level. As these exceptional accessories are now available on 380sound, we invite drum enthusiasts to experience the DRUM EFFECT SHEET, HARDLOCK-LUGNUT, and TONE FILTER with their own drum kits.

Drummers Top Team remains dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge field insights into various product developments. Stay tuned for upcoming releases, including cymbal cleaners and drumstick bags.