TEARDROP Guitar Picks 0.8mm - 6 Pack【ECO PICK】

TEARDROP Guitar Picks 0.8mm - 6 Pack【ECO PICK】

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This pick has garnered strong praise from guitarists. It's well-suited for chord-rich backing and those who frequently use powerful straight power chords. Its distinct flex lends itself well to solo performances without compromise.

"EcoPick" is a new type of guitar pick that addresses the issue of constant wear and tear experienced by guitarists. Guitar picks tend to wear out over time, especially during live performances and rehearsals. Depending on the playing style, some guitarists might even need to change their picks multiple times during a single live show. To reduce the waste generated by disposable picks, the concept of creating a highly durable and long-lasting pick was conceived.
After considering various materials, attention was drawn to Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), the material commonly used in plastic beverage bottles. By utilizing PET, it became possible to create picks from recycled plastic bottles, contributing to PET's recycling efforts. However, while durability was a key focus, it was equally important to maintain the primary purpose of a pick: producing high-quality sound.
During the development process, input from numerous musicians and artists was sought. The result is the "EcoPick," a new guitar pick born from PET bottles. It boasts both a clear tone and exceptional durability.

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