Collection: DTT CLEANER, Drum Cleaner for Brilliant Finishes 6.7oz [Drummers Top Team x BeO]

DTT cleaner is an earth-friendly cleaning solution. Not only is it safe for the environment and human body, it also maximizes sustainability without deteriorating the original durability of your instrument.

It is especially effective at removing fingerprints from cymbals. You can also use it to clean drum bodies and hardware.

DTT CLEANER removes dirt the moment you apply it.

The big difference with other cleaners is that it leaves the logo print intact and the cymbal does not turn white.

The dirty cymbals you often see in studios are instantly made to shine.

DTT CLEANER is a collaboration product with BeO, a company that is widely known for its cleaning agents.

BeO was developed to eliminate dirt in buildings, and we have applied its superior cleaning ability to instrument maintenance. DTT CLEANER has excellent cleaning power as a musical instrument cleaner, yet is safe for the environment and the human body. It also provides sustainable cleaning without compromising the durability of your instrument.

To keep your instrument beautiful and provide the best playing experience, Try DTT CLEANER now!




[How to use]

- Apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area before use and check for a reaction after a few minutes.

- Spray the target area and wipe off with a well-wrung wet towel.


[Precautions for use]

- Do not inhale or drink: This product is not drinkable.

- Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/protective glasses/protective face mask.

- Do not use large amounts at once.X

- Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

- Use this product within one year.

- Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using this product.

- Strong oxidizer, strong acid. Avoid contact with aluminum or their alloys. Generates hydrogen gas when reacting with aluminum.


[First Aid]

- If in eyes: Immediately wash face with clean water for 15 minutes, then consult a doctor immediately.

- If swallowed: Immediately rinse mouth with clean water.

- If inhaled: If discomfort is felt, move to a well-ventilated area, blow nose, and gargle.

- If on skin: Wash with plenty of water and soap. If skin irritation occurs, seek medical advice and treatment.

BeO is a technology that provides earth-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaning methods to keep buildings thoroughly clean. We target buildings all over Japan and the world, and we prioritize safety for the environment and human health. We also focus on maximizing sustainability without compromising the durability of buildings. BeO aims to eliminate dirt that is harmful to the global environment. This technology specializes in all types of oily dirt, including vegetable, heavy oil, and mineral-based. BeO emulsifies these oils, turns them into water-soluble substances, and breaks them down. It can be used not only on the exterior walls of buildings, but also in various places such as floors, ventilation fans, air conditioners, and aluminum sashes. Please use BeO to realize clean and sustainable buildings.