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We had the opportunity to interview Kei Takakuwa, a bassist who is active under the artist name Curly Giraffe about our Eco Pick. He recently contributed to several songs in the Netflix series 'Sanctuary'.

About 15 years ago, he became captivated by Eco Picks after borrowing one from an acquaintance who is a guitarist and music producer during practice sessions.

While he sometimes prefers playing the bass with his fingers for a softer sound, when using a pick, he exclusively chooses Eco Picks, regardless of whether he's playing guitar or bass.

His love for Eco Picks is so strong that he even custom orders original Eco Picks, leveraging his background as a graphic designer.

photo by @curly_giraffe


Why does he love Eco Picks so much? His choice is always the ONIGIRI shape. The main reason is that it fits comfortably in his hand, and since it can be used from any direction, it offers excellent usability.

Despite using them for 15 years, he says they hardly wear down. While picks from major manufacturers tend to wear down with use, Eco Picks remain virtually unchanged even after using them for the equivalent of 10 or more picks from other brands. Their durability is so remarkable that it's hard to tell whether they're new or old just by looking at them. The interviewer was honestly surprised by the Eco Pick's durability, boasting the strength of 10 picks from a major brand.

After each live performance, he throws picks to the fans, which consumes them. Otherwise, he never runs out of picks.

Curly Giraffe throwing his pick to the fans


But what Curly Giraffe loves most about Eco Picks is the sound they produce. They produce a clean, soft tone that he finds beautiful. Since he doesn't like sharp, edgy tones, he rarely changes his strings. Typically, when playing with a pick, the sound can become edgy, but when using an Eco Pick, that edginess is tempered just right. Depending on how you use the pick, you can even achieve an edgier sound, making it easy to control.


He encouraged everyone to try using Eco Picks, saying that once you try them, you'll understand their greatness. He believes they're sure to become popular!

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Curly Giraffe

Since his student days, Curly Giraffe has been active as a bassist in numerous bands. After dropping out of art university, he pursued a career as a graphic designer while continuing his band activities, eventually devoting himself fully to music due to the increasing demands of his musical endeavors. Even after making major debuts with several bands, he continues to excel in various roles such as supporting other artists as a bassist, producing, and providing music for various projects.

He expresses his greatest happiness during the creative process, stating that making things is when he feels most fulfilled. With a blend of conceptual sophistication and his roots in music, Curly Giraffe creates a unique world that resonates across various fields.

From 2005 until 2014, Curly Giraffe consistently released six original albums under his name, with the seventh original album slated for release in spring 2019.

Aside from his solo album productions where he handles almost all aspects of production, he also collaborates with highly skilled musicians, his longtime comrades, during live performances. Together, they captivate audiences at festivals and venues across the country with their energetic sessions.

Instagram: @curly_giraffe