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In regard to 380sound's "Eco-Pick," a professional guitarist Toshi Yanagi offers his perspective. He emphasizes that despite being crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this pick boasts exceptional durability. Toshi shares a notable incident from his experience performing alongside Eikichi Yazawa, where a pick from a prominent brand succumbed to breakage, whereas the Eco-Pick stood strong. 

Toshi further commends the Eco-Pick's attributes, highlighting its smoothness for precise pick-scratching techniques and its impressive longevity, remaining unscathed even after months of intensive use. His endorsement speaks volumes about the Eco-Pick's quality and resilience, making it an excellent choice for musicians seeking both sustainability and performance excellence.

Toshi expressed his sincere anticipation for the potential expansion of 380sound's business in the United States. His sentiment reflects a genuine enthusiasm for our products and services, underscoring the value they could bring to a broader audience. Such positive feedback from a seasoned musician like Toshi reaffirms our commitment to providing top-notch offerings that resonate with musicians.



BIO ~ Toshi Yanagi ~

In 1985, Toshi arrived in the US, immersing himself in San Francisco's blues scene to conquer language barriers through guitar. After LA beckoned, he embraced formal training at Musicians Institute, transitioning to a professional guitarist after graduating in 1988.

Joining Cecilia Noel & Wild Clams in 1992 marked a turning point, propelling Toshi to international stages and collaborations. Quincy Jones' VIBE brought further exposure in 1997, enriching his skills.

In 2004, Toshi's career soared with a Japan tour alongside Eikichi Yazawa. Continuing collaborations and production work followed, culminating in Yazawa's 50th-anniversary celebration in 2023.

Currently, Toshi thrives with "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and 80s pop band ABC. Anticipated performances include shows with rock legend Bassist Marco Mendoza and La Ley in late 2023. Toshi's journey epitomizes musical dedication and cross-cultural harmony.

Toshi Yanagi's Instagram @toshiyanagimusic


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