Collection: Aaron McLain - Guitarist


Renowned guitarist and music director for Air Supply, Aaron McLain, along with his roles as a solo artist and TV composer, knows the significance of the connection between a guitarist and their instrument. In this exclusive interview, he shares his enthusiasm for Eco Picks and why they have become his go-to choice.

Eco Picks have earned Aaron's admiration for their exceptional qualities. As a guitarist who performs energetically on stage, he emphasizes the importance of a pick that offers the right attack and comfort, ensuring it won't slip away during dynamic performances.

Currently, Aaron relies on two Eco Pick variations: the 0.8 millimeter and the one millimeter. The 0.8 millimeter, his preferred choice, excels in both lead and rhythm playing. Its texture provides a secure grip, ensuring it stays firmly in place during intricate performances. With Eco Picks, there's no concern about the pick shifting or falling during crucial moments.

Aaron wholeheartedly recommends trying out Eco Picks, assuring fellow musicians they won't be disappointed. He firmly believes that once you experience the comfort, stability, and performance of these picks, you won't turn back to any other brand.

Beyond their musical excellence, Eco Picks' eco-friendliness is another reason for Aaron's endorsement. Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, these picks are an environmentally conscious choice for both the planet and your playing.

In conclusion, Aaron McLain's enthusiastic endorsement of Eco Picks reflects not only their exceptional quality but also their positive impact on the environment. Join Aaron and countless other musicians in making Eco Picks your go-to choice for an unparalleled guitar pick experience.


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